Bringing families, friends, teachers, students and Christians of all ages together to have fun in the Lord.

With busy schedules of parents leaving little or no time to hang out with loved ones, there is a need to bring everyone together and have fun in a way that glorifies Christ. With this unique card game, you will have a first-hand experience that reminds you of the parables and miracles of Jesus Christ. The essence of this card game is to ensure various friends, tutors, families, students, and Christians of all ages have fun. It is called The Parables and Miracles of Jesus Card Game.


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Are you an ardent lover of card games?


Do you have a busy schedule and will like to unwind with family and friends during your leisure period?


Are you looking for creative ways to introduce your kids to Christ?


Do you want your children to learn more about the personality of Christ through his parables?


You will gain an in-depth knowledge of who Jesus Christ is with the aid of The Parable and Miracles of Jesus Card Game. It is awesome experience learning at the feet of the greatest teacher the world has ever seen. Your family will benefit a lot from this card game as it will provide all participants with sound biblical principles that are timeless. These are the reasons why every home should have this Card Game:


It offers an opportunity to engage with the practical and theoretical aspects of the parables.


It is a crucial tool that provides a rare method of analyzing mathematical hypotheses.


Improves your reaction skills


It also plays a significant role in enhancing a teamwork spirit in every player of the card game.


This card game is recommended for persons who have attained the age of six and above. It is an incredible game with a set of attractive and enticing illustrated flashcards which are specially created to make you feel ecstatic about the parables and miracles of Jesus Christ. It is not a regular card game but an innovative game that can improve the intuitive abilities of your brain and improve your memory with a reminder of God's words in your heart.


The Parables and Miracles of Jesus Card Game is a perfect game as it serves as a source of knowledge for everyone irrespective of age, creed, race, and status. As a parent, this card game will help your kids in developing analytical skills required in the study of Mathematics and pave the way for them to have a close relationship with their Maker. Adults who play this card game have immense benefits to gain from it as it helps them to learn more about who Christ is. It also provides them with essential abilities to live a fulfilled life as well as traits that will help them in times of victories and defeats.



AGE GROUP: 6 years up

The process of finding the parable/miracle on a flashcard helps to exercise and sharpen the brain. Enjoy this unique benefit as you remind yourself of the lessons we get from the parables and miracles of Jesus. Give your child a head start in math and reading with a touch of fun in Christ as you train him/her on how to handle the joys of victories/successes and the sadness of defeats and setbacks.


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