This brilliant Parables and Miracles of Jesus Card Game is a brainchild of a team that comprises of a father and son. Both of them have a desire to bring families who together in love with an unassuming game.




The older partner, who happens to be the father is an individual who has worked as a dedicated church planter and elder. He is presently using his knowledge in the word of God to make positive impacts in the lives of other people such as kids and young folks by teaching sound biblical doctrines.


His partner is a Pastor with an unsatiable desire to bring more individuals closer to God with creative and innovative methods. His aim is to produce an attractive card game that can capture the attention of everyone irrespective of their age. This card game promises to be an exciting experience as you engage in the act of playing with your kids, close associates and colleagues.


The Parables and Miracles of Jesus Card Game was finally created after tireless efforts at making something unique which took us several years. This feat was made possible by the special Grace of God, and we can confidently say that this card game is a must-have for every home.




Most Christians across the globe have received the essential teachings of Christ which form the foundation of the Christian faith. These lessons contain instructions needed rules to live an acceptable life before God and are written in the books of the Gospel. These parables are held in high esteem as they are a representation of the word of God and Jesus Christ.


The parables are not complicated stories as their stories are out to achieve a purpose. They provide a detailed set of instructions on how to live a godly life. The essence of these parables is to assist us in our spiritual lives in the aspects of forgiveness, love, and spiritual growth. The knowledge most Christians have about these parables offered us an insight that this game is a viable tool to make followers of Christ stay on track in their walk with Christ by playing this Card Game in their private homes.






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