Suggested Flashcards for Different Age Groups:


6-8 Years: Fruits and Letters
9-11 Years: Fruits, Letters, Birds and Insects
12 years plus: All flash cards


How to Play


  • Each of the cards features a particular icon
  • The Miracle Board displays a series of numbered circles
  • Players are divided into ‘finders’ and ‘pickers’
  • The finder asks the picker to answer yes or no to discover which circle on the board the icon is found in (1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 32 respectively)
  • The finder will end up with a series of numbers that were answered yes to. They must then add the numbers:

For example, if the answer was yes for circles 4, 16, and 32 – 4+16+32=52

  • The player must then find the corresponding number in the reference section to determine the parable from that card


There are two ways to enjoy this game:


1. Race against time


Each player or team of players chooses a reference board and share the Miracle Board. Make sure the flash cards are shuffled. Each player is given 7 cards. Place any card of your choice face down for the finder to tell which parable/miracle is on it. Repeat at successive turns, until the cards are finished. Each player or team has a maximum of two minutes for each card.


2. One on One


Each team must select a ‘picker’ and a ‘finder.’ The picker selects a flash card from the deck, while the finder from the other team tells what parable/miracle is on the card. The picker will then give a summary of the parable and read the Take Home message on the card, for an extra 50 points. If there are two or three parables listed, the picker can just choose one. If the picker is unable to give a summary, the finder can give it for 50 points.


If neither picker nor finder knows the parable on the card, then players have the opportunity to read and discuss the Bible verse(s).


Rewards and Penalties


  • Pickers lose 20 points for incorrectly answering yes or no – finders gain 20 points if their picker makes this mistake
  • Finders lose 20 points if they fail to add up the numbers correctly or identify the wrong parable – pickers gain 20 points if their finder makes one of these mistakes

The Aim of the Game


Combine essential mathematical and memory skills with a passion for spreading the word of the Lord, with this fun and dynamic game for all ages. The real aim of this game is to bring Christian families and friends together to have fun with Jesus – and the useful skills learnt along the way are a bonus!




  • One Miracle Board
  • Two reference sections
  • Deck of 63 flash cards
  • One sand clock (2 minutes)




This game can be played with two or more players – the more players, the more fun! We recommend that players are 6 years or older, but younger players can certainly join in the fun if teamed up with adults who can assist them.




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